Colorado Survival School Is Open!

Colorado sees tens of millions of tourists every year, many of which are unfamiliar with Colorado's harsh and temperamental climate.  Colorado is also a very popular destination for adventure seekers that lack the experience to make it through a bad situation, which is one reason why we offer the services that we do.  But primarily we strive to help everyone feel comfortable in the outdoors and truly enjoy their wilderness experience.  From novices to the experienced outdoor enthusiast, we have a class for you that will allow you to be more safe during your outdoor adventures whether it be in Colorado or in the wilderness in your neck of the woods.

After years of planning and training, the Colorado Survival School is open with over 1000 acres of private land at our disposal.  Located in the mountains just an hour west of Colorado Springs, the camp will have the feel of a remote location while still having the convenience of being near civilization.  At an elevation of roughly 9400 feet, this location offers mountainous terrain, pine and aspen forest and beautiful open meadows and rolling hills.  If you are looking for mountain survival training, Pikes Peak at an elevation of 14,110 feet is only a short, 30 minute drive away.   Also located nearby are several mountain lakes and rivers where you can fish, swim, raft, or simply enjoy the fresh, clean water of the Rockies.  With Colorado’s diverse climate we will be able to put you to the test and hone your skills in a frequently inhospitable environment.

Jason Marsteiner 
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Jason Marsteiner is the owner, founder and lead Instructor for Colorado Mountain Man Survival.

Colorado Mountain Man Survival
Jason Nauert

Jason Nauert is the owner and director of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat and trains military Special Forces around the country in the art of butchering, processing and cooking game in the field.

Aaron (Hutch) Hutchings
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Aaron Hutchings is a Colorado native, veteran, and father of four. He was raised in the

Rocky Mountains by a real mountain man and hunting guide he called Grandpa. His

love for adventure was first sparked by his grandfather’s teaching and stories. This

spark was blown into flame in the Boy Scouts and fanned to a full-on bonfire in the

Marine Corps.

Kimberly Beck, M.Ed

Kimberly Beck, M.Ed. is passionate about facilitating deep relationships between people, nature and animals. Kimberly holds a Masters degree in Counseling and a Bachelors degree in Outdoor Education and Plant Biology. Currently she is owner and operator of Relational Rewilding Nature Guiding where she facilitates nature education, nature connection and nature therapy for the community.

Colorado Mountain Man Survival


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