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Advanced Bushcraft Course

 7 Day Class

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

The advanced survival training standard course takes the skills from the Survival Standard Course and builds on them to enable you to survive long term in the wilderness. This advanced wilderness survival training course is designed to take your bushcraft skills to the next level and hone the fine art of living from the land.  The purpose of the wilderness survival training courses is to slowly transition you into being able to live completely off the land and make you a completely self reliant survivalist.


In this course, we will take you far beyond the normal survival training of the 72 hour survivor. Not only will you learn survival skills but you will also learn how to process an animal from beginning to end. Each class will kill a goat and process it for food and for learning. You will make cordage from it's hide and then we'll teach you how to make it into cordage so you can have better rope for friction fire. This course is going to re-connect you with the survival skills that kept our ancestors alive since the beginning of time, and teach you how to not just survive but how to thrive in the wilderness. We always teach our students that you don't get any kudos for suffering, the superior survivor will use his knowledge of wilderness survival training to make life easy instead of a struggle. Always trying to attain some basic level of comfort in your shelter, procuring water quickly and efficiently, making fire on a whim in any conditions, and forage food in abundance from the land around us is what we strives to teach our students.

Subjects Covered Include:

-Butchering/ You will kill, butcher, and process a goat from beginning to end.

-Bushcraft Cooking/ We will process the goat and teach you jerky making as well as several other bushcraft cooking.

-Making rawhide from the hide and processing it into useful cordage.

-Primitive Pottery making with clay/ How to build an entire bush kitchen from nothing.

-Building a Survival Bow (Quicky bow)/ This section will show you how to make a bow of similar quality to a longbow in a few days without pre-drying the stave.

-Primitive Hand drill and Totally Primitive Bow Drill; Bark cordage

-Advanced Survival Trapping/ We will cover a plethora of primitive and modern traps.

-Basket Fish Traps & other useful fishing tactics/ You will build a large basket fish trap, crawdad trap, and other survival fishing tactics.

-Basket Making, Bark Containers, & Quivers

-Camp Craft and Bushcraft Cooking

-Wild edibles and medicinal plants


The survival training is very intensive and is almost entirely hands on with very little lecture time. The advanced survival training standard is not so difficult that family and children can't attend though. This is the perfect family course for learning bushcraft in a family friendly environment. These are skills that your friends will be impressed with the next time you go camping and these are skills that tend to stick with you for a lifetime. The skills are taught in a laid back survival camp environment.  Self Reliance skills truly give you an empowered feeling because after your training you will be confident to walk into any environment and take care of yourself, your friends, and your family. If you need advanced survival training to increase your bushcraft skills and overall comfort, then this is the perfect course for you!

Food and Water Required: Water will be provided and food is your own choice. We recommend quick field expedient meals such as our Camp Ready Meals or MRE’s. They can quickly be made at our primitive camps and won’t slow down the learning process. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are within a close drive away.

Camp Ready Meals

Military MRE’s

Minimum Survival Tools Required:

-Small Backpack

-Poncho or Rain Gear

-Outdoor Clothing

-Fixed blade knife & folding saw

-Overnight Camping Gear

*You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!


Bring your gear with you. We do not provide you with gear unless you purchase it from us ahead of time.  You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!  You don’t have to buy our  gear to attend the course, but you need survival gear of equivalent quality.


Fixed blade knife preferable a mora style knife, outdoor clothing, boots, folding saw, paracord, overnight camping gear, small backpack. Check Recommended Items List for more details!


If you are still un-sure of what gear you need for our survival courses, then we have assembled a complete kit that is still high quality but for a budget friendly price. All the items in this kit were hand selected by the lead instructor at CMM Survival to be the best bushcraft tools on a budget. The CMM Survival Kit is a full package kit that can be used in all our courses. These are all must have tools at a good price. Its a great survival kit, bug out kit, go bag, and much more. Add some other items to this kit and you have a decked out survival bag that you can survive in comfort. With this kit and our training you can be guaranteed to survive like a king in almost any environment!


Condor 3-Day Backpack                     100' of Paracord


Poncho                                               Folding Saw


Bushcraft Knife                                    Snare Wire


Stainless Steel Canteen                        CMM Survival Fishing Kit


Sawyer Mini Water Filter                       250 Lumen Flashlight






Length: 7 days/6 nights


OVERNIGHT CAMPING:  You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance!


Instructor: Jason Marsteiner


Airport and Bus Stops: If you are arriving by bus or plane, we can pick you up. Contact us to make arrangements.


COST: $495 

Advanced Buchcraft course med kit
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