Mushroom Hunting 101 w/ Mushroom Mike

Mushroom Hunting 101 w/ Mushroom Mike


Mushroom Hunting 101  

AUGUST 8th-9th 2020


1 or 2 Day 

Difficulty: Beginner

1 Day Class - You will stay at our camp location and learn about and harvest the mushrooms at that location.  At the end of the day you can cook up your mushrooms with us if you like or return home to enjoy them in your own kitchen.


2 Day Class - Join us on Day 1 at our camp and then camp overnight with us (or return home for the night) and join us the next day to drive out to a nearby second location where we will hunt for and learn about mushrooms in a completely different location/elevation/environment. 


Event Description

Mushroom Hunting 101

Come ready to learn, this is an information intensive day!   We'll cover mushroom anatomy and identification techniques, habitats, plant and tree associations, collection ethics, and photographic documentation techniques.   You will learn poisonous, medicinal and some safe delicious edible mushrooms along the way.    Walk away from this workshop with a confidence and ability to identify numerous mushroom species in our glorious state.

Accommodations:  A large 21 person military tent with winter liner is provided for a community tent during class hours and may be used for sleeping at night.  Tent is complete with 2 wood burning stoves and a cot for each student.  This is a shared tent for all students that wish to use it. 


Food and Water:  Water will be provided  but you will be required to bring your own food.


1 Day / 0 Overnights


2 days/1 overnight


Minimum Recommended Equipment:  Bring appropriate clothing, good hiking boots, sunscreen and UV protective sunglasses and a water bottle. 

We will not provide you with any gear, so please come prepared if you intend to stay overnight. Fixed blade knife,  overnight camping gear, winter sleeping bag and a small backpack. Check Recommended Items List for more details!

Shelter: You may sleep in a tent you bring, in your vehicle, in a primitive shelter or share one of our military tents which have wood burning stoves inside.

Clothing Required: Warm outdoor clothing and rain gear.  Layers are important in Colorado. You will want a water whicking base layer, an insulating mid layer, and a waterproof breathable outer shell. Check out our Clothes Layering Basics if you are unsure of what to wear. 


Instructor: Mike Essam


Overnight Camping: If you are joining us for the second day, you may camp at our location overnight. Be sure to bring your tent, sleeping bags and any other camping gear that you wish to bring!


Tuition:  $125/$225

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