Urban Survival - COVID19

Urban Survival - COVID19


Urban Survival

Shelter in Place - Survival Kits - Start Your Home Garden

Where: Black Forest Colorado (you will be sent exact location after you register. This will be a separate email from the automated email you will receive when you initially register.)

When: Saturday March 28th 2020 

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm


Restrictions: Class size will be limited to 10 people. Social distancing rules will be active. If you have a cold, cough or sneezing at the time of the class, we ask you not to attend. If you arrive with these symptoms, we will ask you to leave for the safety of the others taking the class.  If possible, please leave children at home.


We are not there to discuss conspiracy theories, politics or topics of this nature surrounding COVID-19. We will only discuss valuable skills and ways to prepare your home, your vehicle and yourself for an emergency situation.

Recommended Gear List:  

Bring your own chair

Dress for outdoors - cool weather



Survival Kit (if you have one you want to ask questions about)

Work Gloves / Gardening Gloves

Face mask 

Sanitary wipes

Food and Water:  Please bring snacks or a sack lunch and water

Instructors: Jason Marsteiner and Ashleigh Vang

What to expect:

Blizzards, tornadoes, power outages, active shooter situations, chemical spills, fires, pandemics and more. There are many reasons that one would need to prepare for an emergency.  The Urban Survival Course was designed to teach you about surviving in your home for extended periods of time and how to be reasonably prepared at all times when you leave your home. We will talk about sheltering in place, bug out bags/survival kits, food supplies and other items you should have in your home at all times.  We will also discuss how to start a garden in your back yard, to help sustain your nutritional needs.

Harden Your Home - Ready Your Home - Shelter in Place

Harden your home simply means to make it difficult to enter in case of a home invasion.  Shelter in place means finding a safe location indoors and staying there until you are given an “all clear” or told to evacuate. You may be asked to shelter in place because of an active shooter; tornado; blizzard; pandemic or other hazard.  The first segment of class we will talk about sheltering in place in your home.  This doesn't have to be as scary as it seems and for those that live in small towns, this is a common practice as getting to the grocery store in the city doesn't happen sometimes for months on end.  We will discuss the basics you should have in your house to get you through a crisis that would result in you not being able to leave your home for an extended period of time.  We will discuss food supplies, medical supplies, and other supplies you should have on hand at all times, in case of an emergency.


We'll teach you ways to harden your home for a Bug In situation. This part of the course is to help you develop a plan for your household to react and survive various emergency scenarios or attempted break-ins. 

Bug Out Bags and Survival Kits - You aren't always going to be able to stay home. During normal everyday life, people spend a significant amount of time outside of their homes, either driving to some destination, or at work.  During an emergency or unusual circumstances, you may be forced to leave your home.  A person should be prepared at all times should an event happen that causes a person to have to stay away from their homes.  This event does not have to be a pandemic or crisis situation as people are commonly caught in blizzards or other natural events that force them to stay in their vehicles for an extended period of time.  What should a person have in their vehicle or on their person at all times to keep them ready and safe? 

Grow Your Backyard Garden

We will discuss how to start a Back to Eden Garden. This will be a gardening crash course to get you up and running! Growing your own food with little effort and abundant yields. Ashleigh Vang will be teaching this segment.  She comes  from a long line of passionate gardeners, and has been growing food at 7,400ft for over 5 years now with huge success through much trail and error. She hopes to inspire you that it can be done despite all the challenges and will be available to help assist in any way she can to get your garden growing!


Gardening Class outline: Hands on in the garden how to create a BTE garden in 1.2.3 easy steps and how to plant. Supplies needed now to start and where to get them. Starting some plants inside, no lights or electricity needed. How to grow a huge harvest of potatoes in woodchips. How to protect your garden from hail.  Q&A

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