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Wilderness First Responder


When: July 20nd-26th 2020

Start Time: July 20nd 9:00am

End Time: July 26th 4:00pm

This class is taught by Offgrid Medic LLC, one of the leading WFR Instruction Schools in the Nation.

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate


Event Description

Are you serious about expanding your depth of medical knowledge and improvised medical care? Looking to improve your skills in dealing with medical issues in backcountry environments? Ever consider becoming a Wilderness First Responder (WFR)? Our challenging seven-day WFR program, referred to as the “Gold Standard” in wilderness medical care, is primarily intended for non-medical professionals who are traveling in the backcountry and serving as wilderness guides, outdoor instructors, outdoor educators, Search and Rescue (SAR) team members, ski patrol, medical personnel for adventure races/events, missionaries, expedition medical team members, etc. A WFR is responsible for preventing and identifying medical problems, initiating reasonable and appropriate field management of medical issues, and identifying when and how to safely evacuate patients presenting with potentially life-threatening problems.


Our curriculum includes:

Human Anatomy and Physiology                                             

Patient Assessment Skills

Vital Signs and Homeostasis

Airway Adjunct Indication and Use

Indications and Use of Medical Oxygen

Recognizing and Treating Soft Tissue Injuries

Bleeding Control and Shock Management Techniques

Tourniquets and Hemostatic Agents

Alternative Wound Closure Techniques

Bone Injuries and Splinting

Improvised Traction Splints

Strains and Sprains

Dislocation Reduction Techniques

Head and Spinal Injuries

Abdominal and Thoracic Issues

Burns and Thermal Injuries

Bites, Stings and Envenomation

Altitude Illness

Drowning, Lightning and Avalanche Concerns

Heat and Cold Related Issues

Medical Emergencies in the Backcountry

Introduction to Rotary Aircraft Ground Operations

Emergency Carries and Improvised Litters

Lost Person Mentality and Behavior

Medical Kit Mentality

Medical Leadership

Medical Considerations in Remote Expedition Planning

Incident Command Options for Wilderness Operations


Day and night practical exercises are a critical learning tool for this material. This program is physical in nature, and a reasonable level of fitness is expected of all participants. The American Safety and Health Institute serves as the certifying agency for our WFR program.  Certification is valid for two years. Adult, child and infant CPR and AED use is included as part of this program.

Accommodations: A large 21 person military tent with winter liner is provided for a community tent during class hours and may be used for sleeping at night.  Tent is complete with 2 wood burning stoves and a cot for each student. A smaller 5-10 person military tent with winter liner and is also available for private sleeping accommodations  (first come/first served). 

Food and Water:  Water will be provided but you will need to provide your own food of your choice. We recommend quick field expedient meals such as our Camp Ready Meals or MRE’s. They can quickly be made at our primitive camps and won’t slow down the learning process. Our camp ready meals are the healthiest option on the market! You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are a close drive away.

Length: 7 days/6 nights 


Minimum Recommended Equipment:  Bring appropriate outdoor clothing, a good sleeping bag and an all season tent if you do not wish to stay in our military tent.  Sunscreen and UV protective sunglasses. 

Shelter:  You may sleep in a tent you bring, in your vehicle, in a primitive shelter or share one of our military tents which have wood burning stoves inside.


We will not provide you with any gear, so please come prepared. Fixed blade knife, folding saw, overnight camping gear, winter sleeping bag and a small backpack. Check Recommended Items List for more details!


Clothing Required: Warm outdoor clothing, warm gloves and hat, outdoor boots and wool socks.  Cotton clothing is highly discouraged!  Wool will keep you warm even when wet.  Layers are important in Colorado. You will want a water whicking base layer, an insulating mid layer, and a waterproof breathable outer shell. Check out our Clothes Layering Basics if you are unsure of what to wear. 


Instructor: Mark DeJong - Offgrid Medic LLC


Tuition:  $699  NON-REFUNDABLE!  Once you pay, we are holding your spot.  

WFR Wilderness First Responder - Offgrid Medic

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