Our Survival Classes will be a test to your psyche, as well as your skills. At the end of our courses, you will have gained the skills, confidence, and mental fortitude needed to thrive in a survival situation. If your goal is to better yourself and become a champion during your outdoor adventures, our classes can help you  achieve that goal.


OVER 3000 acres of private land in the mountains near

Colorado Springs, CO to train on

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change".

~Charles Darwin

If This sounds like You...

I Want to PERSONALLY invite you to attend The Survival University.

We have over 20 classes taught throughout the year that will teach you survival skills that used to be common sense in recent past.

Everyone has their reasons for pushing themselves to acquire knowledge. 

The question is:


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Survival Training

Is This You?

Outdoors: You love and want to immerse yourself in the outdoors.

Naturalist: You enjoy living off the land.

 Practical:  You simply want to be comfortable and secure when adventuring outdoors 

Self Reliant: If things go south, you want to be able to take care of yourself and those around you.

Challenge: You embrace the hard moments and want the power through them.


Why It's For You...

With the universal skills taught, you will know what it takes to survive in almost any environment or condition and lead you into total wilderness self reliance.

This is for me!

I want to check it out!

"Attended with my Sons"

"This class was a gift to scrath off my bucket list and attend with my son. I solo and pair backpack and I wanted to get to some basics.

The class was very well organized, yet flexible enough for the students. Truly enjoyed Jason, Zach, Matt who were so helpful. Looking forward for my next class!  If you enjoy the outdoors, take one of the classes."

Google Review

"Go alone and hone your skills"

"I took my Dad and Brother on the 2 day survival basics weekend and loved it!!! This class is for everyone. Go alone and hone your skills or go as a group for some great bonding time.


Jason’s camp is amazing, we camped out the night before the class and wished we could have stayed longer!! Next time is the 5 day course!!!"

Google Review

"The class curriculum is well though out"

"I flew to Colorado from Texas for Jason's 5 day beginners class and wasn't disappointed. The class curriculum is well thought out and flexible based on weather conditions. Jason is a chill, down to earth family guy."

The Survival University

Take A Sneak Peek Inside The Camp...

Ben Davis

I want to experience that!

It's on my bucket list...

He is not a hardcore survivalist or bushcrafter. He is not a prepper.

Jason Marsteiner is the owner, founder and operator of Colorado Mountain Man Survival and The Survival University

To become a top Survival Instructor,

he took his skills from a lifetime in the mountains and trained for 45 days in the forests of Arkansas/Missouri and 12 days in the jungles of Costa Rica, with little more than a basic survival kit.


Now, Jason has spent thousands of hours in the backcountry of Colorado, honing  and practicing his his primitive living and modern survival skills. 

Why I Teach...

"After developing many more years of life skills, practical skills, and survival skills and experiences I decided that with my knowledge, if I could bring one father, one mother, one son or one daughter home to their family, by teaching my skills and experiences to them, that is what I was going to do.  I hope that you never face a survival situation but if you do, I hope what you learn from me and my team of instructors, will bring you home to your family."

Teach Me!

I want skills that can save my life in a survival situation!

As I am a family man with a wonderful wife and 4 children, my intentions are to run a family friendly survival school while still offering more intense programs that many of you desire.

We strive to offer classes for younger individuals to get them back to nature and away from today's ever evolving technology, but still run separate courses for adults looking for a true survival experience or to those that just seek skills to better themselves. ~Jason Marsteiner



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