Eagles Nest Wilderness

Some friends and I took a trip out to Eagles Nest Wilderness in Colorado and camped for 3 days in the end of August 2016. Beautiful scenery, weather was great but a little chilly at night. 
Sorry the video is sped up through most parts but if it wasn't it would be an hour long video and aint nobody got time for that!

This is bear country and while we did not see any bear, we saw a lot of bear sign. There's a huge amount of huckleberry in Eagles Nest and bear love them some huckleberry. I rather enjoy them myself. 

You can see a lot of pine beetle kill in the video, making the forest a little hazardous especially in high winds. I get a lot of crap in my other videos for chopping down trees on my private land. It so that my forest doesn't end up looking like this forest and we do have pine beetle kill in my valley, just not this severe...yet. Its called responsible forest management and fire mitigation. 

There are a few survival tips throughout the video but mostly this was just a fun, relaxing day hike. 

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