Recommended  Gear

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We believe in a philosophy of get the training before you get the gear. Because we know from experience that once you get some training, you will probably change your mind about what survival gear you need. For this reason we require very little survival equipment to attend our courses. But you definitely will need some basic items to attend our courses. This page is to list recommended items you might want for our wilderness survival courses. Each course has different requirements but this list will give you the most common items you should bring to our wilderness survival courses. Almost none of the items are absolutely necessary if you don’t have them and we want to make sure you can attend whether you only have a few items or you could outfit an expedition! So check out our recommended survival gear list and email us if you have any questions on survival gear!

Class Specific Gear

  • Comfortable Hiking Boots

  • Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

  • Sunscreen

  • Wide Brimmed Hat

  • Pen/Pencil and Notepad

  • Camera

  • Lunch/Snacks

  • First Aid Kit

  • Small backpack

Optional Gear

  • Good Fixed Blade Knife- From 4-12″ inches (preferably a knife intended for bushcraft)

  • Rain Poncho / Rain gear

  • Water Purifier

Knife Recommendations 

  • Mora Garberg

  • Condor Bushlore

  • Benchmade Bushcrafter

  • Ontario SK-5 Blackbird

  • Morakniv Bushcrafter,

  • Spydroco G-10 Bushcraft

  • Tops BOB Brothers of Bushcraft


Food - You have to provide your own food for every course we offer! For speed and simplicity we recommend freeze dried meals such as Mountain House or MRE's.




  • Tough Outdoor Clothing- Earth tone colors are recommended but wear what you like.  You may get dirty.  

  • Comfortable Hiking Boots and Wool Socks

  • Rain Gear / Rain Poncho


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