Justin Lunt / Guest Instructor

Justin was born in Arizona which provided many cherished trips with his father in to the wilderness. The unique ecosystem of Woodlands and desert provided a variety of skills to be learned in the outdoors. What started as hunting and camping trips with dad turned into scouting. Justin earned his Eagle Scout rank, the highest achievement rank attainable in the Boy Scouts, with 3 levels of palms along with all medals. Deeper knowledge was eagerly searched for and a hunger grew for better self-reliance and wilderness living. The freedom and confidence with these outdoors skills provided a joy which evolved as Justin incorporated whatever knowledge he could from hunting, Bushcraft, primitive skills, and woodcraft into his passion. He now enjoys nature without the reliance of modern gear and tools yet respects their place of importance. Ultimately the connection of nature outweighed the disconnection of modern comforts society provide and the ultimate freedom was found.

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