Phillip Liebel / Guest Instructor

Phillip grew up a small town country boy in North Texas. He spent his childhood exploring the creeks and woodlands around his house. Phillip was a boyscout and spent much of his time camping and practicing outdoor skills.

During his teenage years he became increasingly interested in his Cherokee heritage after hearing stories from his mother and grandmother. It began with learning how the Cherokee made their bows and gradually moved into primitive trapping, and eventually primitive living skills in general.

Around the time he turned 24, he decided that he was ready to wander into the woods with nothing but a knife and see if he could last a week. After a horrible thunderstorm destroyed the sad little shelter that he had built hastily, he spent a long, cold night in misery. After that failed survival trip it became apparent that he lacked much in the survival world. From then on out he spent every spare second of his time learning everything he could about wilderness living and practicing each skill until it was second nature.

Upon mastering much that primitive survival has to offer, he then founded a small school to pass on those skills to others. Primitive Wilderness Survival was formed.

Phillip specializes in primitive shelters, friction fire, water procurement and purification (specifically without containers), primitive traps and snares, primitive cordage making, primitive archery and hunting, primitive fishing, fish traps, natural fish poisons, wild edible and medicinal plants, flintknapping, and stone age living skills in general.

He is the founder of the “Traditional Cherokee Archery” group and has spent countless hours studying the Cherokee’s living skills prior to European contact. He understands the importance of living with the land and not “off” the land.

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Phillip Liebel is also an instructor for the Southwest Region for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group.   Flint & Steel is an international collaborative network of Independent Instructors and Schools working together to bring you the best, most local instruction available covering a wide range of critical skills: modern, primitive, urban, and tactical survival; bushcraft and wilderness living; emergency and disaster preparedness; holistic, wilderness, and tactical medicine medicine; and tactical training including Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship and Tactics, Long Range marksmanship and Sniper Tactics and Fieldcraft, Dismounted Patrolling, and Small Unit Tactics.

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