Colorado Survival School Guest Instructors!

We at The Survival University strive to bring you as much information as possible in relation to survival, emergency preparedness, wilderness medicine, bushcraft and pretty much anything related to survival.  We cant possibly know it all and will never claim to do so. But what we can do is bring you amazing instructors from all over the country if not the globe.  Here are the bios for some of our guest instructors.


Justin Lunt was born and raised in Arizona and has learned and honed his desert survival skills from a young age. Justin heads up our desert survival training at The Survival University.  

Guest Survival Instructor - David Scott-Donelan

Mark DeJong, Nationally-Registered Paramedic and founder of Off Grid Medic LLC, has over 22 years of experience in treating victims of trauma and sudden illness


Fernando Moreira's Professional Tracking Services

Tracking is not a lost art, but rather an underutilized modern science.  Fernando is the CEO & Chief Training Instructor at Fernando Moreira's Professional Tracking Services and Tactical Tracking School.


Doug Dahl also known as The Arrow Head Guy has been teaching knapping for 30 years.

Gust Survival Instructor - Donny Dust

Donny Dust is an experienced survivalists, bushcrafters, primitive living practitioner with years of experience and is the owner and lead instructor for Paleo Tracks Survival LLC. Here are a few of his specialties: wilderness self-reliance, primitive weapons, flint knapping, hunting, natural navigation, fire making, tracking, shelter building, game tracking, water procurement, wilderness health/comfort, bush craft, first aid, cold weather survival, jungle survival, desert survival, low/high altitude survival, and urban survival. 


“Cattail” BOB SEEBECK is the author of Survival Plants of Colorado and Best-Tasting Edibles of the Rocky Mountain West. He has been an Earth Knack instructor since 1993. Cattail Bob has been conducting outdoor education classes in the Rockies since 1975, offering instruction in wild useful herbs, wilderness survival, and mountain cabin building. Cattail is a back country guide and former squad boss of the Larimer County, Colorado, search, rescue, and fire crew. Cattail Bob’s excellent wild plant field class was featured on The Today Show during an Earth Knack Family Gathering Program. He currently resides in a self-built solar cabin near Estes Park, Colorado. 

Guest Survival Instructor - Mike Essam

Mike Essam teaches mushroom cultivation classes, lectures to organizations about fungi, provides private forays and identification services and sometimes sells wild mushrooms

Gust Survival Instructor - Donny Dust

Matt Boger grew up in Southern Michigan where he was an avid outdoorsman, spending much of his time hunting, fishing and running around the wilderness.  He joined the U.S. Army as an Infantryman in 1996 and continues to serve.  

Guest Survival Instructor - Nicole Apelian

Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist, traditional & survival skills instructor, scientist, personal wellness coach and expeditionary leader. She has a deep knowledge of medicinal plants and herbal medicine, which begin in the 1990s with her close work with the Kalahari San Bushmen. She runs her own wellness company and apothecary ( and is also a guide for her company Eco Tours International (

Alberto Lopez.jpg

Albert Lopez has being training in the jungles for more than 22 years. Putting his skills to the test in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Training in the jungles of Nicaragua with the Rama Indians learning their ancient ways of survival and combining then with modern bush craft techniques.

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