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There are zombies all around us, your job is to seek them out and eradicate them.  If you're not ridding the world of zombies then you should be actively training to do so.  Part of our job is to improve your situational awareness so that you can spot a zombie before it sneaks up on you.  Sometimes zombies are hard to see, but they are out there. If you let your guard down, you will become one.  EZE Division is a real life, interactive game where we send YOU out on missions to prepare you for the zombie apocalypse.  Think of it like Pokemon Go with a purpose and without having your face buried in a mobile device. You will use your computer or mobile device to determine your missions or Op Orders and then physically set out to achieve them.


We take survival, prepping, firearms training and emergency preparedness very seriously, but we definitely take having fun seriously, too.  With that in mind, we have created the Elite Zombie Eradication Division where you can do both.  Some people view us preppers and survivalist as tin foil hat wearers, but when you throw walking dead zombie corpses into the mix, it becomes perfectly normal.  We haven't quite figured out why, but we have just decided to accept it.  When we say Zombie, chances are we mean some sort of emergency or disaster that you may be faced with, or perhaps many other situations where people are oblivious to the world around them.  EZE Division makes urban and wilderness survival fun by bringing the zombie culture into play. Be prepared for anything nature or the world of man throws at you. And hey... keep your eyes peeled for zombies!

You do not have to be a firearms enthusiast, or a prepper or a survivalist to participate in EZE Division! We have designed it to be fun for all, you just have to have a love for the zombie culture or perhaps we should say have a hate for zombies!


While EZE Division realizes that the chances of real zombies are very slim, we know natural disasters and other man made threats are very real.  The zombie pop culture adds a bit of fun to survival training, while preparing you for something that could actually happen.  EZE Division true focus is to teach you firearm safety and tactics, outdoor wilderness and urban survival and at the same time incorporate the fun factor of the ever popular zombie.

EZE Division welcomes people from all over the world, of all ages.  We promote emergency preparedness and hope that others will interact together to teach, learn and train as one.  Here we will bring you all together with a common goal, to be prepared for whatever the world throws at you and to be able to annihilate those stinking zombies should they ever decide to rise up against us.

We know that many people love firearms training and pretending to kill hoards of zombies is loads of fun but we encourage you to learn other skills for when the bullets run out.  We will offer wilderness survival training, emergency preparedness and urban survival training so that you can survive more than just a zombie attack.  We want to teach you something very serious and useful while promoting you having fun. 

You decide how far you want to take your participation and the further you do take it, the higher rank you will reach within EZE Division .  Become a member of EZE Division to start down the path of becoming prepared. 

When you join EZE Division you will become a recruit and receive a Recruit patch, and a recruit membership card.   Once you have taken the EZE Division certified online course you will earn rank and modifiers.  Taking courses or training at other facilities will earn you modifiers to increase your rank, while taking EZE Division's courses will earn you higher modifiers.  The higher your rank, the more perks you will receive on our online store and other events and you will be recognized as a Global EZE Division Leader.

EZE Squad is not just another zombie special task force where you can buy a bumper sticker and feel oddly cool.  Here we have you perform tasks, run missions, earn ranks. You can gain discounts and are totally interactive with all of our members.  Each member will have a profile page where we will keep track of your accomplished missions, skills, earned task points, and gained rank so that you can show off to other members. Certain cool swag will only be available to members once they reach a certain rank.  You will work your way up through the ranks as an enlisted zombie soldier until you reach an officer status where you will again work up through the ranks.  Earn a high enough rank and we may ask you if you wish to be promoted to a squad leader, regional commander or an admin.  

(We are still in beta mode so please bear with us while we work out the kinks)

What tasks do we have you complete to earn rank, you might ask?  Well here are just a few for example:

  • May is Military appreciation day. We may ask you to take a picture of you shaking the hand of one of our US soldiers.

  • Zombie Crawls happen all over the country. Participate in one as either a zombie or a hunter to earn points.

  • Pokemon Go players run rampant.  Take a picture with one of these meandering zombies and you may earn points.

  • Find someone wearing a funny tshirt.

  • Spot a fellow EZE Division member wearing some swag, that you have never met before and introduce yourself.

  • Participate in selected firearms or survival training classes.

  • Frequent the businesses and purchase items from one of our sponsors.

  • Participate in an event such as Tough Mudder, while wearing our swag, and take a photo.

  • Park your Bug Out Vehicle on top of a Prius!  Just kidding, dont do that!!!

  • Missions and tasks are limitless and will be posted to our page daily.  Complete them before time runs out!

Some might ask  "What do some of these missions have to do with zombies or survival?"  First of all, it makes you aware of your surroundings and forces you to interact with your surroundings.  You will get your head out of your phone or whatever you might be lost in and make you look around the real world for your mission target. It will force you to recognize what we like to call "real life zombies"  (those that are unaware of their surroundings) and help you keep from becoming one.  It may link you up with other like minded people that are looking for zombie killing buddies.  Training and physical events have obvious benefits.  Purchasing items at sponsors establishments gives you bonus points for items you may have purchased anyway.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Assessment

Each member will be asked to take a ZASA.  Here we will ask you a full array of questions.  Much like the personality tests that you may have taken on Facebook or other sites that ask you 5 to 10 questions.  Our assessment is much more in depth however, so be prepared to spend some time doing it.  Once you have completed the assessment, we will crunch numbers, run algorithms and perform some other advanced sciency stuff to determine your chances of survival should zombies ever decide to roam the Earth.  You will then be given a certificate that shows your ZASA score and your rank within EZE Division .  

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