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Bobby Marshall of Mountain Side Podcast invited me up to his studio to discuss my mountainous expertise, the survival school and to touch on some current issues such as COVID-19 and the influx of people moving to Colorado and the impact it is having on our beautiful state. 

COVID-19 is everywhere in news feed these days so we dont spend much time on beating that horse but since its the hot topic...we had to go there.


This discussion was  more about my personality and what drives me to do what I do.  We discuss about some of the amazing people I work with, including Mark Dejong, Donny Dust, Cattail Bob, Mike Essam, Aaron Hutchings, Fernando Moreira and the rest of the crew that comes out to teach with me.   If you dont know who these people are, you should check them out.   Go to our About Us page to read more about them.

Since I run a survival school, my drive and personality are important to many...I just never realized it until people tell me it's important.

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