Private 5 Day Outdoor Survival Skills Class

Private 5 Day Outdoor Survival Skills Class

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— Mac McFarland

5 Day Outdoor Survival Skills Training


Difficulty Rating: Beginner to Intermediate

The 5 Day Outdoor Survival Skills Training covers the basics or survival and outdoor skills with shelter, water, food and various other basic and advanced skills.  In this course we will focus on both primitive and modern survival techniques with an emphasis on a few basic tools that you should have in your backpack when venturing out into the wilderness.  This course will prepare you for situations that people tend to find themselves in when things go wrong in the wilderness . Outside of a survival situation, this class will simply allow you to feel more comfortable in the woods.


The Outdoor Survival Skills Training course is all hands on field training, with minimal lectures and no power point presentations! Prepare to get your hands dirty!  This class is based on the well known and utilized survival standard Rule of Threes.  In general, a human can survive 3 miniutes without air, 3 hours exposed to the element, three days without water and three weeks without food. Each day we will cover a different topic with the first day teaching you many basic survival techniques that you will continue to use throughout the week.  We will go over basics of survival, shelter, fire, water, food, primitive tools, survival kit preparation and more!  With these basics outdoor skills, you will feel more comfortable every time you throw on that pack and head out onto a trail.

With the universal skills taught, you will know what it takes to survive in almost any environment or condition and lead you into total wilderness self reliance. The outdoor survival skills training is all-inclusive as it covers many different subjects about wilderness survival skills and these skills will work in every region around the world in almost all climates.


While the outdoor survival skills training is in-depth families are welcome and encouraged to attend  the course for learning outdoor skills in a family friendly environment.  Self Reliance skills truly give you an empowered feeling because after your training with Colorado Mountain Man Survival, you will be confident to walk into any environment and take care of yourself, your friends, and your family.

Survival Skills Taught include:

  • Psychology of Survival

  • The Priorities of Survival

  • Fire Craft (both primitive and modern)

  • Survival Shelters (both primitive and modern)

  • Finding, Filtering, and Purifying Water

  • Passive techniques for Food (Land and Water Based)

  • Edible, Useful, and Medicinal Plants

  • Knot Tying

  • Primitive Navigation Methods

  • Primitive Tool Making

  • Survival Kit Preparation

  • Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Uses (when plants are in season)

  • Choosing and using tools for Survival (both primitive and modern


Day 1- Survival basics.  We will teach you the necessary skills to function for the rest of the week, Knot tying, camp hygiene, basic fire lays, psychology of survival, basic  wilderness medicine, tools, primitive cordage, what to carry, improvised hunting tools and more!

Day 2- Modern Fire Making, Fire Lays, Fire Starting Techniques, Fire Tools  

Day 3- Shelter Day. Students will learn how to build primate and modern shelters

Day 4- Water Procurement. Learn how to find, filter and purify water

Day 5- Food procurement methods.  Trapping, hunting and foraging for your food



Accommodations - A large 20 person military tent with winter liner is provided for a community tent during class hours and may be used for sleeping at night.  Tent is complete with 2 wood burning stoves and a cot for each student. A portable restroom is also available on site.  Food can be stored in your vehicles or we have a large steel box that will hold enough food for all attendees. 

Shelter/Lodging.  You may sleep in a tent you bring, in your vehicle, in a primitive shelter or share one of our military tents which have wood burning stoves inside.  If you do not wish to camp with us, the town of Cripple Creek is a short 15 minute drive from our location and Woodland Park is 30 minutes away. You will be responsible for making your own reservations with nearby hotels.  We do have a central community campfire location with a few designated camp sites but mostly offer dispersed camping.  You will be able to drive your car within 100 feet of main camp and will not have to hike your gear in for long distances.


Food and Water: 

Water will be provided but you will need to provide your own food of your choice. We recommend quick field expedient meals such as freeze dried meals or MRE’s. They can quickly be made at our primitive camps and won’t slow down the learning process. You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Grocery Stores and several local eateries are within a reasonable driving distance.

For an additional fee, you may purchase our meal plan where we cook for you over the campfire. Click here for details. Meals are not made to order and may contain common food allergens. 


Minimum Survival Gear Required:

Bring your gear with you. We do not provide you with gear unless youpurchase it from us ahead of time.  You don’t need much equipment for our courses, though good equipment does speed the learning process up greatly!  You don’t have to buy our  gear to attend the course, but you need survival gear of equivalent quality.  Bring appropriate outdoor clothing, a good sleeping bag and an all season tent if you do not wish to stay in our military tent.  Sunscreen and UV protective sunglasses. 


Fixed blade knife preferable a bushcraft style knife, outdoor clothing, boots, folding saw, paracord, overnight camping gear, small backpack. Check Recommended Items List for more details!


If you are still unsure of what gear you need for our survival courses, then we have assembled a complete kit that is still high quality but for a budget friendly price. All the items in this kit were hand selected by the lead instructor at CMM Survival to be the best bushcraft tools on a budget. The CMM Survival Kit is a full package kit that can be used in all our courses. These are all must have tools at a good price. Its a great survival kit, bug out kit, go bag, and much more. Add some other items to this kit and you have a decked out survival bag that you can survive in comfort. With this kit and our training you can be guaranteed to survive like a king in almost any environment!


Small Backpack                                   100' of Paracord

Rain Poncho                                         Folding Saw


Bushcraft Knife                                    Snare Wire


Stainless Steel Canteen                        CMM Survival Fishing Kit


Sawyer Mini Water Filter                       Flashlight/Headlamp


Length: 5 days/4 nights


OVERNIGHT CAMPING:  You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance!


Instructor: Jason Marsteiner

Colorado Mountain Man Survival


Colorado Springs, CO |

 719-684-4147 | Contact Us


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