Advanced Search and Rescue Tracker Level 2 w/ Fernando Moreira

SAR Tracker w/ Fernando Moreira

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Prerequisites – Basic SAR Tracking lvl 1

Event Description

​Advanced SAR TRACKER 2

Level 2 advanced tracking class is a 40 hours hands on instruction program that includes day classes as well as night ops.  Students will build upon what they learned in Basic SAR Tracking lvl 1 and learn more advanced skills to move fast to close the gap and distance of the track maker.  In this class the students will learn more official skills and pressure releases and basics on crime scene investigations. In this class the students will learn how to approach a scene safely and pick up the direction of travel of their target and also learn how to conduct a search for a missing person involving tracking using more advanced tactics.


This class will be a progression of SAR Tracker 1, comprised of all field training to put your skills to the test and learn new techniques to refine your skills as a tracker.

This 40 hour advanced class is $350.00 per person.

CLASS STARTS at 4pm Monday Afternoon and will finish Thursday Afternoon at 4pm


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