Austere Cooking 101 and Bushcraft

The course focuses on solving the problem of meeting nutritional needs and avoiding foodborne illnesses in austere environments to include unsecured locations without safe food handling regulations and practices in place.  The course is designed to teach students the best techniques in animal inspection, harvest, evisceration and cooking utilizing little equipment with both primitive and modern technologies. Successful completion of this course will enable students to be more nutritionally self-sustaining in austere locations and rely less on store supplies. They will also have a better understanding of safe food handling and storage practices in austere environments.

After harvesting and preparing primary food supplies from the animal, students will learn how to maximize their resources.  Not only will students learn how to preserve portions of meat but they will use other parts.   Students will make rawhide, learn the first steps in brain tanning, rope, hide and hook glue, sinew rope, bladder bags, bone tools and more.  We will use ever usable part of the animal to aid in survival.  Students will also learn basic skills such as fire and shelter building, water purification, knife safety and more.

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    Colorado Mountain Man Survival


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