Class - 3 Day Survival Basics

Day 1 we will cover survival basics and tool craft such as rule of threes and psychology of survival and then move on into making tools that you may use in a survival situation.  We will make a rabbit stick, fishing spear, cordage and more.  You will learn the priorities of survival and just as importantly, how to  focus and occupy your mind in a survival situation

Day 2 we will cover fire. We will teach several fire methods in the survival basics class. You will learn friction fire, how to make an all night fire, and a below the ground fire. Fire is of the utmost importance in a survival situation. It provides you a way to filter or boil water, cook food, all while keeping you warm, and preventing hypothermia. 

Day 3 we will take you through the steps of building primitive shelters. We will show you how to build a shelter, that will keep you warm and dry. You will learn proper placement of the framework, proper thickness and height of debris insulation, and proper waterproofing techniques.



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