CMM Standard Survival Kit

CMM Standard Survival Kit

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This kit contains the basic items of what we recommend for all of our survival classes!


Like all of our custom survival kits, this kit can be customized to suit your specific needs. Just contact us and we will build a kit that is right for you!

  • CMM Standard Survival Kit

    Our classes do not require you to have a lot of survival equipment to perform well. You will however need some basic tools to help you be successful in learning during our training. These are our most recommended and most used items all in one bundle! We feel that these products outperform 90% of the survival gear on the market in performance at a reasonable price for good gear. This is great for storing in the vehicle and having a quality go bag with you at all times, for a reasonably small investment. Add some food, a sleep system and some outdoor clothing and you’re ready to bug out to anywhere!

    This kit covers most of your survival priorities which go as follows: shelter, water, fire, food, and tools. What this kit is lacking is first aid, so we recommend you obtain a IFAK to add to this kit. Other than first aid, this kit has all the minimum items you would want in a survival situation! Many of these items, our Survival Instructors carry every day. They carry it for a reason because it works, it is quality gear and it doesn't break the bank! You don't always get what you pay for in survival equipment and sometimes much more expensive equipment just won't perform as well as many lower priced items and less expensive prices that this, tend to get you gear that will fail and break easily.

    • The Mora Bushcraft knife is a prime example of one of the best beginner survival knives ever made and is a must have for every serious survivalist. Our instructors all own high end custom blades, but it seems like over half the time we find ourselves carrying a Mora Bushcraft. Its a survival kit in itself!
    • A 6 inch ferro rod with lanyard will give you thousands of strikes and its large size makes it easy to hang on to.
    • The Backpack is extremely modular and has numerous compartments, as well as a hydration bladder holder. You can easily fit all this gear and more into the pack. Its more than enough bag to have a nice complete scout survival bag and still remain comfortable but stay light and fast!
    • The Silky F180 is a great folding saw and is one of the best on the market in cutting efficiency and speed. It has a 7" durable blade that cuts quickly and can be replaced if it breaks, without replacing the entire saw. We recommend use of the Large Course Tooth Silky (red handle) as you will be cutting more green timber when in the wilderness. A saw can process wood much faster than an axe or any other tool you could carry and weighs less. You can strap the saw to a tree limb with some paracord and turn it into a pole saw in minutes.
    • The Poncho 6.8' x 5'. Polyvinylchloride coated polyester construction ripstop fabric. Head of water: 5000mm. Can also be used as a tarp, tarpaulin or bivouac sack. Comes with drawstring carry bag.
    • The fishing kit Even though food isn't the main priority, it definitely is an important one. Anyone can go out and survive and starve in the short term, but the sustainable survivalist must be efficient at procuring food. And our lightweight fishing kit is a great option for that. Combine the equipment with some training and you will eat like a king.  Contains: 30m of line; (4) small hooks; (8) medium hooks; (24) split shot; (4) swivels; (4) files; and instruction pamphlet.
    • The paracord has a million and one uses and cordage is always an essential portion of any kit. Paracord gill nets, snares, emergency bracelets, and so much more. With the proper training, you can survive well with nothing but some paracord.
    • The Pelican Black Head Light is a great piece of kit that won't fail you when lighting your way in the dark. A headlamp allows you to operate hands free.  Measures 2 1/2" overall. Black composition housing. Three LEDs produce up to 66 lumens and provides up to 21 hours of runtime and offers multiple modes (high, low, flashing). Night vision red LED. High- 66 lumens, 7h 15m runtime and beam distance of 22m; Low- 36 lumens, 21h runtime and beam distance of 16m. IPX4- water resistant. Uses three AAA batteries (included). Gray cloth adjustable headband.
    • The Sawyer Mini water filter will purify up to 100,000 gallons for you and can be attached to a multitude of bottles. This filter purify's at the smallest micron level available on the market today with these types of filters. They can also be hooked to hydration backpacks to be an inline filter as well. They attach to plastic bottles and it also comes with a direct drink tube. The sawyer line of filters are by far the most versatile and best priced water filters on the market. You seriously can't beat any of there products!
    • Pathfinder 32oz Bottle and Nesting Cup 8" overall. 304 stainless steel construction. Includes 32oz wide-mouth bottle with ABS lid and silicone seal; 25oz cup with batwing handles; and cup lid with straining holes and D-Ring.


    Diplomat 3-Day Pack; 14”x11”x21” 3200 cubic inches

    -Mora Bushcrafter w/ sheath

    - Silky F180 Folding Saw

    -Black Ripstop Military Style Poncho

    Pathfinder 32oz Stainless Steel water bottle w/ 25oz nesting cup

    -100' of paracord

    -Sawyer Mini Water Filter w/ accessories

    -NATO  Survival Fishing Kit

    -Pelican Head Light Black

    - 6" Schrade Ferro Rod




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