Advanced Survival Class - Survival Challenge

Advanced Wilderness Survival Class 

"Survival Challenge"

​Difficulty Rating: Intermediate - Advanced

​Before taking this class, we recommend having taken our 5 Day Outdoor Survival Skills Class and our 7 Day Advanced Buchcraft Class or have taken an equivalent class elsewhere.  We will assume you have basic survival skills such as fire making, water procurement, shelter building, knot tying, etc... and will only briefly review these topics.  You will be challenged during this class and we will not be in an established camp. 

The Advanced Wilderness Survival Class is designed to immerse you into your survival experience while still keeping you in controlled environment where you can learn valuable skills.  We will take you to the next level of survival training where you can learn bushcraft and survival skills and see what it feels like to live off the land. 

This course will teach you how to properly plan and prepare for emergencies and to give you hands-on, supervised experience and confidence. We will not only teach you how to use equipment you should always have to increase your chances of survival, but will also teach you primitive techniques sourced from nature to help you to survive even if you don’t have all the necessary equipment.  Some previous survival training is suggested, but not required.

During this 7-Day course, the Priorities of Survival will be emphasized and reinforced on a daily basis. You will learn basic techniques for fire, shelter, water, and food with new techniques added daily, building on the skills you learned the day before.

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