Ontario - M9 Bayonet

SKU: ON6143
This is the classic government issued bayonet that attaches to a M16 or M4. Anyone who has been thrown the bayonet course at basic training is familiar with this knife. However, what you may not have noticed is that the ones you use in training suck. Most are old, rusted, and dull. If you get your hands on a new M9, you will see that these knives ROCK.Not only can you attach it to your AR-15 or Mossberg 590, you can also use the sheath as a great attachment to any MOLLE gear or your belt. It blends right in with your uniform as well.
  • Specs

    • 12 1/8 overall.
    • 7" 420 stainless blade with a non-reflective black oxide finish or gray phosphate finish
    • millsed sawteeth on top edge.
    • Black thermoplastic nylon handle with black oxide coated steel guard and cap.
    • Black thermoplastic nylon scabbard with wire cutter and universal military holster.
    • Fits M-16 rifle.
    • Not military issue.
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