The Tracker's Handbook

SKU: BK311
How to identify and trail any animal, anywhere. A handy on-the-go guide for any hunter, naturalist or outdoorsman. Few experiences in the wild are as satisfying as tracking down an animal on its own terms and on its own turf. Whether you're hunting, seeking to capture an animal's image on film or video, or simply trying to get closer to nature, successful tracking is a valuable and disappearing skill. This book was written to make anyone, no matter how much experience they have in the wild, better versed in the fine points of tracking North American wildlife. Len McDougall also covers the modern tools that can make tracking easier. McDougall profiles more than 20 different animals, including the new-world moose, American elk and white-tailed deer. Each section goes into fine detail, including the habitat and range, foods, mating and seasonal habits, tracks, scat, signs and vocalizations of the animals. Plus, there are detailed sections on tracking and stalking techniques.
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