Valandre - Bifrost Jacket

The BIFROST is a waist length jacket, with a down filled hood incorporated into the collar, two outside pockets, and two inside-breast pockets - simple and beautiful! Cold and freezing temperatures can be mortally dangerous, so Valandre designed the BIFROST without compromise. Valandre designed the BIFROST with 100% articulated cut and non-down-shift baffle technology, allowing a liberty of movement in all directions. The collar features a new design that provides perfect insulation no matter if the hood is up or tucked into the incorporated zipper pocket. This is accomplished by constructing three separate down filled compartments in the collar; one in the back of the neck and two in the front. The front two compartments have more down to keep the neck and cheek area warm while the back compartment has less down to allow for space whether the hood is up or down
  • Specs

     The hood sports six down-filled compartments keeping insulation where you want it and your head nice and warm. The hand pockets are designed like a tunnel to the allow your hands to burrow down inside the jacket where your body's core has already warmed the space. Nice and toasty and instantly warm! The wide elastic waistband of the BIFROST has a adjustment feature allowing customization for a broad range of body types. You get the correct fit and tension around the hips, making sure that cold air can't penetrate the from below. All of this is wrapped into a jacket that once you put it on, you will think, "Man it fits like an Italian glove".

    • Weight: 780 grams/ 27.5 oz. (XL)

    • Down Load: 252 grams/ 8.9 oz. (XL)

    • Comfort Rating: 5° F

    • Down Quality: Goose 850+
    • Shell: Asahi-Kasei Impact Nylon 6.6 Rip-Stop - DWR

    • Liner: Asahi-Kasei anti-static Polyester Rip-Stop - DWR
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