Valandre - Odin Neo

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A high altitude sleeping bag is key to success and survival. When pushing the limits it is critical to have tested and proven equipment. The Odin from Valandre has been trusted by climbers around the world for years. The Odin is a rectangular 4-piece bag consisting of one top layer, one back layer, and two side bands; the anatomical shape is made and obtained by shaping the 4 pieces simultaneously. The "half moon" hood, developed in the Shocking Blue design, is also used in the Odin bag. This hood offers a maximum of insulation and the incorporated draw-cord system offers ultimate precision fitting. A precision as sharp as a razor blade! The draft collar is a 3D development. It is anatomical and compensates appropriately for the different lengths needed to protect the shoulders and has less width around the neck.
  • Specs

    • A technical high altitude expedition bag should: be a bag of volume (offering a possibility of layering), have side-raised compartments (offering optimal side insulation), have 27 straight H box wall compartments, weigh 64.7oz/1836g, be easily capable of withstanding -40 (F and C), and finally, have unbelievable compressibility that will decompress within minutes once removed from its compression bag. (Speed is safety!) The Odin is a well-proven Valandre expedition bag for "le connaisseur".

    • Comfort Rating: -4° F; Extreme: -43.6° F

    • Carry Weight: 60.6 oz./1718 g (sm), 64.7 oz./1834 g (md), 69.3 oz./1965 g (lg)
    • Size: 34.3" x 66.9" (sm), 36.6" x 72.8" (md), 39" x 78.7" (lg)
    • Carry Size: 14 L
    • Fill: Goose 850+
    • Fill Weight: 39.1 oz./1108 g (sm), 42.3 oz/1199 g (md), 45.4 oz./1287 g (lg)
    • Shell: Asahi-Kasei 1.1oz Nylon 6.6 Rip-Stop - DWR
    • Liner: Asahi-Kasei anti-static Polyester Rip-Stop - DWR
    • Fits To: 5'6" (sm), 6' (md), 6'6" (lg)
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