50 Day Colorado Woodsman Class

The Colorado Woodsman Class Is our most extensive and immersive experience.  This course will challenge and test you but you will walk away a changed and better person that will view the world in a different light.  You will spend 50 days with us which, we feel, is the best way to train you for a real life survival situation or the ultimate Colorado woodland experience.  You will be totally immersed in this outdoor experience,  yet will remain in a reasonably controlled environment.  Our goal is not to break you, or to get you to “tap-out” of the training class, but to lift you up until you succeed.  It is also the first step you can take to become affiliated with The Survival University (TSU) and Colorado Mountain Man Surviva,l LLC., to become one of our survival instructor candidates.  One does not have to become a survival instructor to take this course, but if that is the path that you choose, we will help you succeed.  Although this 50 day immersive class is held in Colorado, it will prepare you for situations in any region, in any climate.  Once completed, you will gain the confidence AND the skills to venture out into the backcountry, anywhere in the world, without worrying about anything  Mother Nature throws at you.

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    Colorado Mountain Man Survival


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