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No hidden contracts or fees. We simply bill you each month until you decide to cancel.



$25 Monthly Shipment Package

$25.00 + $8.95 shipping = $33.95

(You will be billed $33.95 each month until you cancel)






$50 Monthly Shipment Package

$50.00 + $8.95 shipping = $58.95

(You will be billed $58.95 each month until you cancel)






$75 Monthly Shipment Package

$75.00 + $8.95 shipping = $83.95

(You will be billed $83.95 each month until you cancel)





$100 Monthly Shipment Package

$100.00 + $8.95 shipping = $108.95

(You will be billed $108.95 each month until you cancel)




On a budget? Colorado Mountain Man Survival can still help you!

Colorado Mountain Man Survival is a small family run business. It is owned, operated and managed by a small family that is most likely similar to yours. We understand that most people are on a budget these days. This doesn't mean that being prepared isn't on your mind and that it is beyond your reach. This is why we have started Subscribe to Survive.

Subscribe to Survive is a monthly subscription service that prepares you and your loved ones for survival situations that can and do happen. You’ll receive a package each month that is full of quality survival gear handpicked by our experienced group of survivalists. Subscribe to Survive will allow you to complete a quality emergency preparedness or survival kit, without having to shop around or stress over what you need to put in it. We do all of that work for you. We don’t charge a commission for this service; therefore you will only pay for the items that you receive. Take comfort in the peace of mind that you will get, for finally taking steps to becoming prepared.
What makes this subscription unique is that you choose your payment plan and options.


  • First, choose your payment plan. Choose to pay $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 or $100.00 per month + shipping. (Alternate payment amounts over $25 can and will be accepted, just contact us. Set your price and we will work with you). Each month you will receive items that equal the amount you have contributed to your subscription. Obviously the more you commit to pay, the more you will receive each month.start by telling us how many people the survival kit must support. (Some pets may be included. Contact us for details)


  • Second, when you sign up, be sure to tell us how many people you are supporting so that we can send you the supplies required to support your family.


As an added option, Colorado Mountain Man Survival will allow you to choose from one of our many Bug Out Bags if you wish. (Contact us before subscribing for this option) We will send you contents from the kit, until it is complete. Otherwise we will send you hand selected items each month. Once the kit is complete, you may choose to cancel the subscription or continue it to receive additional emergency preparedness supplies.

You may choose to end your subscription at any time but it doesn’t have to. Once you have received all of the basic survival necessities, Colorado Mountain Man Survival will send you additional supplies, as well as survival food products from Wise Food Storage, Survival Cave Food, Mayday Industries and various other reputable survival food suppliers. If you do wish to cancel, it is as simple as contacting us. We do not force you to sign any long-term contracts, only a monthly subscription that allows us to bill you for the items you receive.
Note that many quality survival items will cost more than $25 or even $50. In the latter months of your subscription you may not receive a full amount as we hold funds to pay for these more expensive items. You will be notified of these holdings, and what item we are holding your funds for. You may opt out of receiving these items and we will move on to the next item in our list.

Furthermore, Colorado Mountain Man Survival will send you information on how to use products and is easy to contact through Facebook and email should you have any specific questions on items. We will teach you how to use the items that we send you.

We will mail your first package within days after your payment is received, no matter the day of the month. Additional packages will be shipped on the 16th of each month or the next closest business day. Packages will be tracked and insured.

What you will NOT receive:

  • A backpack or expensive container to store your items in, unless you choose to add one to the subscription. We suggest you purchase a quality pack for your survival kit, we love Maxpedition products, but the nature of this program is that we expect you to be on a budget and are looking to keep your costs down.

  • A box full of poor quality items. Colorado Mountain Man Survival takes pride in the gear that we sell. We will not send you a box full of junk that will break before it gets to you. We have purchased kits from other companies to see what’s in them and many items are broken before they even got to us. We wont do that to you.

  • A prefabricated kit from a Third Party Company. Colorado Mountain Man Survival purchases individual items from many manufacturers. We take the best items from each of these manufacturers and send them on to you.

What do we need from you?

  • A valid credit card that we can bill each month. Alternatively you may subscribe to have your payments paid monthly via PayPal.

  • A simple contract that allows us to bill you every month. (No long-term contracts will not be used and you may cancel at any time.)

  • A valid shipping address and email address. Colorado Mountain Man Survival is not responsible for returned items due to an incorrect shipping address. We will send it out again but you will pay additional shipping charges.

Every day you wait is another day you go unprepared. Subscribe to Survive!

Please CONTACT US to subscribe today!

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