T Bar  Snare

The T Bar is one of the more effective snares and fairly simple to set up. I used a saw to cut the notches in the uprights of this snare but you can very easily do it with a knife or even a rock if that is all you have.

Typically this T Bar setup uses a ring of stakes to funnel in your prey but in this setup I used a ring of rocks. Utilize your resources and change things up to see what is more successful in the area you are in.

In my other video I showed you how to set up a Spring Pole if you wanted to put a trap in an area with no small trees. This trap utilizes that type of setup. 

I also use the Penny Snare in this trap which you can see how to make here in one of my other videos.

Disclaimer: Know your local laws. Trapping is highly regulated and is illegal in many states. Trapping is also indiscriminate and will kill or harm cats, dogs, endangered species, humans and other unintended prey. Do not trap unless you are in a survival situation and if domestic animals are not present. All traps assembled by Colorado Mountain Man Survival are immediately dismantled or made harmless after our demonstrations.

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