Tactical Rifle Training



Basic courses will cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, target range,

various shooting stances, firearm malfunctions and maintenance, combat and

tactical reloads, gun buying advice, caliber choices, terminal ballistics and more.


Advanced courses will include tactical firing methods to include firing under

stress, transitioning between weapons and other combat tactics.  For our safety

and the safety of others, you may be asked to present your firearm skills before

moving on to more advanced courses.

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Level 1 Tactical Rifle


(Course goal: Learn the basics of tactical rifle).


Cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, zero weapon, shoot various yard lines, learn holds, shoot from the prone, kneeling, standing, clear malfunctions, combat and tactical reloads.  We will cover weapons maintenance, gun buying advice, caliber choices and terminal ballistics. Price $165.00

Minimum of 4 students or class will be rescheduled.



Gear list:

Rifle          100 Rounds (no green tip)          2 Magazines Sling (Optional)          Shooting mat (Optional)

Hat            Sunscreen (Optional)                  Glasses/Eye Protection Pants          Ear Protection (Head Phones, Ear Plugs)

Water         Snack                                        Identification

T Shirt or button up shirt (No low cut shirts)                                                      Closed toe shoes or boots (No sandals)

Level 2 Tactical Rifle


(Course Goals:  Reinforce the fundamentals of marksmanship and introduce more advance training).


Shoot from various yard lines and positions.  Shoot multiple targets while conducting combat reloads.  Shoot from cover.


Price $185.00


Minimum of 3 students or class will be rescheduled.



Gear List:

Rifle                200 Rounds (no green tip)          3 Magazines Sling               Shooting mat (optional)

Hat                  Pants                                         Glasses/Eye Protection        Ear Protection (Head Phones, Ear Plugs)

Closed toe shoes or boots                                 Sunscreen (optional)           Chest rig or a way to carry extra magazines

Water              Snack                                         Identification

T Shirt or button up shirt (No low cut shirts)

Level 3 Tactical Rifle

(Course Goals: Advance your skills in marksmanship and speed).


You will engage multiple steel and paper targets from various positions and distances, cover and unconventional shooting positions.  The student will shoot and move and perform drills under stress.  Combat, tactical reloads. Clearing malfunctions are a constant during this course.  Low light drills will be performed. Ballistic testing.


Price $205.00

Minimum of 3 students or class will be rescheduled.



Gear List:

Rifle with sling          300 Rifle Rounds (no green tip)           Handgun and Holster         50 Handgun Rounds

4 Rifle Magazines      2 Handgun Magazines                        Handgun magazine pouch (Optional)

Pants                         Hat                                                     Belt                                    Sunscreen (Optional)

Water                        Snack                                                  Identification

Chest rig or a way to carry extra rifle magazines                  Closed toe shoes or boots (No sandals)

Glasses/Eye Protection                                                         Ear Protection (Head Phones, Ear Plugs)

T Shirt or button up shirt (No low cut shirts)

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