Class - Urban Survival - Escape and Evasion

Class - Urban Survival - Escape and Evasion


Urban Survival and Escape and Evasion


Difficulty Rating: Beginner to Intermediate

The Urban Survival Course was designed to teach you the skills to increase your chances of survival in many urban scenarios taking place across the globe every day. We will give you the skills to help defend yourself and others in case of disaster, home invasion, terrorist attack, or an active shooter situation to just name a few. We will not only teach you how not to become a victim but we will teach what to do if you become one. Our 3 Day courses will teach you how to defend yourself, escape illegal custody, avoid recapture and get to safety. It is our goal to make everyone a survivor.   





(Optional ) FRIDAY Day 1: Home Defense The first day of our course covers home security and defense. We'll teach you the skills to defend yourself from a home invasion to defending your home in Bug In situation. This part of the course is to help you develop a plan for your household to react and survive various emergency scenarios. We will also cover picking locks and breaking out of restraints if you have been illegally detained or taken hostage in your own home. The last part of the day will cover the urban survival priorities, procuring items needed for your survival and preparation if Bugging Out becomes the only option.  

Saturday - Day 2: Away from Home This phase of the course focuses on surviving the urban jungle when you are away from your home whether off at work, school or travelling abroad. We will cover urban survival scenarios, active shooter defense, reacting to a terrorist attack, and various other emergency evacuations. Will cover emergency planning when travelling, emergency caches and reuniting with your family when there is a loss of communications.

Sunday - Day 3: Escape and Get Home On the final day of the course we cover escape and getting to safety in a hostile environment. We will briefly cover social engineering techniques, counter surveillance and blending in with the baseline to avoid detection. All students will then be run through a scenario to put their training to the test.   

This 2 and 3 Course is a condensed version of our Urban Survival Course. We highly recommend taking all three days of this class but for those of you that cannot get time off of work, you may attend Saturday and Sunday only at a lower cost.  


Our 7 Day version of this course goes more in depth, spending more time on application, skill development, interrogation and detainment. Due to intensity and realism of the 7 Day Course, details will not be disclosed to avoid taking away from the experience. If you are in an occupation that you feel is high risk, have a military, law enforcement, prepper or survivalist background, it is recommended you apply for the 7 Day Course.  CONTACT US for more details on our 7 Day SERE Course.

Lodging for the 3 Day Course and the first 3 days of the 7 Day Course is the responsibility of the student.   

Recommended Gear for this Course 
Durable clothing 
Change of clothing 
Water bottle 
Notebook and writing utensil 
SERE Kit (Optional) 

Each student is responsible for their own lodging and meals.  


Cost: $195/$295

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