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We feel water is one of the most important subjects when it comes to survival.  Under normal circumstances you can become dehydrated and die in 3 days if you do not drink enough water.  While water may be all around you, it might not always be safe to drink.  You should never drink salt water, standing water, or unpurified water until you have treated it properly.  Even water from a flowing stream could be unsafe to drink.  Also when it comes to consuming water, you should never ration your water. Drink what your body needs and then worry about finding more.


 There are tons of articles out there about how to locate, gather, and purify your water to make it safe to drink.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have decided to post the best articles we have found about this very important subject.

How to Find Water in the Wild

Survival Still

CDC Backcountry Water Treatment

Can You Drink Urine?

Seep Well

Colorado Mountain Man Survival


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