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Wilderness First Aid

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate


Event Description

Course topics are:

Our WFA course provides a practical foundation in wilderness medicine for outdoor enthusiasts.  The course is a 2 day, 20 hour class teaching patient assessment and treatment guidelines for common wilderness medical problems and teaches methods to manage medical and trauma emergencies in the wilderness when evacuation is unavailable or unnecessary.


Our teaching style is engaging and hands-on comprised of brief lectures followed by hands on practical demonstration with discussion.  We keep you interested and avoid the boredom of DEATH BY POWERPOINT by engaging in group discussions.

Curriculum- Patient assessments with demonstration;, Spinal Immobilization and patient transport; Fractures, dislocations, and sprains;  Vital sign assessment; wound management with lectures on abdominal and chest injuries, bites and envenomations,  bleeding and shock,  common medical problems, environmental injuries (drowning, lightning, falls), first aid kits, hyperthermia, hypothermia, frostbite and foot-care.


In addition our wild plant instructors will discuss the poisonous and toxic plants in the Rocky Mountains and we will have a lecture regarding waterborne pathogens and water purification.



It is our philosophy that the ultimate goal of our training is to make you into a competent woodsman, able to confidently head into the backcountry.   For the avid outdoorsman, to round out your training we offer our Basic Outdoor Skills (BOS), which is a modern three day class, in conjunction with this class for our own WFA+ certification.  The full WFA course plus three days of the same hands-on education on basic outdoor skills that you need to enjoy the outdoors safely.  Come and see how the skills of wilderness education tie in with wilderness medicine and learn the survival skills necessary to avoid medical situations! We offer a discount for booking this class as a package *



You are able to take these classes separately after purchasing the WFA+ class.  Due to our staffing we request that you pick the days you’ll be taking the actual WFA class, then you can either take the five days back to back, if offered, or you can come to any future Basic Outdoor Skills Three Day class.   We attempt to offer the outdoor training before the medical classes but this is not mandatory or always possible.  For further class description please click here. ****BOS/WFA+ CLASS****


Accommodations - A large 21 person military tent with winter liner is provided for a community tent during class hours and may be used for sleeping at night.  Tent is complete with 2 wood burning stoves and a cot for each student. A smaller 5-10 person military tent with winter liner and is also available for private sleeping accommodations  (first come/first served). 

Food and Water:  Water will be provided but you will need to provide your own food of your choice. We recommend quick field expedient meals such as our Camp Ready Meals or MRE’s. They can quickly be made at our primitive camps and won’t slow down the learning process. Our camp ready meals are the healthiest option on the market! You can also purchase food locally once you get here. Walmart and several local eateries are a close drive away.

Additional Food Option: For an additional $150 we will provide you with a hearty "home cooked" breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening.  Students will still have to provide their own snacks and lunch. Breakfast will be served by 9:00 am on the first day of class and dinner will be served by 5:00 pm on the last day of class. 


Length: 2 days/1 nights (20 Hours Training)


Minimum Recommended Equipment:  Bring appropriate outdoor clothing, a good sleeping bag and an all season tent if you do not wish to stay in our military tent.  Sunscreen and UV protective sunglasses. 

Shelter/Lodging: You may sleep in a tent you bring, in your vehicle, in a primitive shelter or share one of our military tents which have wood burning stoves inside.  If you do not wish to camp with us, the town of Cripple Creek is a short 15 minute drive from our location and Woodland Park is 30 minutes away. You will be responsible for making your own reservations with nearby hotels.


Gear: We will not provide you with any gear, so please come prepared. Fixed blade knife, folding saw, overnight camping gear, winter sleeping bag and a small backpack. Check Recommended Items List for more details!


Clothing Required: Warm outdoor clothing, warm gloves and hat, outdoor boots and wool socks.  Cotton clothing is highly discouraged!  Wool will keep you warm even when wet.  Layers are important in Colorado. You will want a water whicking base layer, an insulating mid layer, and a waterproof breathable outer shell. Check out our Clothes Layering Basics if you are unsure of what to wear. 


Instructor: Jeffrey Laun


Overnight Camping: You're welcome to spend the night before and night after the course at our camp!  Please contact us in advance if you intend to arrive early.

Cost:  $199

Skills Learned:
Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness First Aid




We understand things happen in life and will work with you if you contact us.  If for whatever reason, you cannot attend the class, please CONTACT US.  A full refund or transfer of credits will be administered if you contact us BEFORE the first day of class.  If you contact  us to cancel on the day of class, a 10% administration fee will be charged, unless a valid reason is provided. A no-call / no-show situation forfeits your tuition and a refund will not be administered without a valid reason.  

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